Your Outsourced Accounting Department

Changing the way consultants, agencies, and firms think about accounting and tax.

Right Choice Accounting

Your Outsourced Accounting Department

Changing the way consultants, agencies, and firms think about accounting and tax.

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How We Support You & Your Business

Welcome to Right Choice Accounting!

Our Solutions Catered To Your Needs

As a service-based business, you have very specific needs and challenges that are different from other businesses. It’s important for all businesses, including consultants, agencies, and firms, to put accounting systems in place early on to create a scalable foundation and avoid potential business issues. “Accounting is the language of business” and we speak it fluently. Your business has specific needs, so we create specific plans for your business. Simply put, we offer our clients less stress, less financial problems, more time, and more money. Who doesn’t need more time and more money?

Help You Focus on Running Your Business

You probably didn’t start your business to spend hours figuring out debits, credits, payroll, taxes, etc., but WE DID! Let’s face it, every minute that you spend doing accounting work is a minute that you don’t spend building your business. That looks a lot like losing money to save money to us. Good accountants save you a lot more money than they cost you.

Our Outsourced Accounting Department includes…



Tax Preparation & Strategy


Accounting Insights & Strategy

Virtual CFO


Budget & Projections

Custom Financials

Work With Us

Outsourced Accounting

Outsourced Accounting Department

Our one-stop accounting & tax solutions incorporate the types of teams and systems that large and successful companies leverage to stay large and successful, but in a way that fits small & medium-sized businesses.

2021 Tax Planning and Preparation

Tax Planning & Preparation

All you need to prepare and file your taxes. The real return on investment (ROI) in accounting comes from the accounting and tax strategies. We plan and strategize during the year in our month-to-month plans.

Hear From Our Clients

The owner is extremely professional, knowledgeable (CPA Licensed) and personable. The perfect mix needed with someone handling your financial needs. I have been able to refer several business owners to this business confidently knowing that they were in good hands. I’d highly recommend Right choice Accounting Solutions payroll, taxes, budgeting, financial analysis and more.

Katina B.

I’m so incredibly grateful for the staff at Right Choice Accounting Solutions. Mr. Hurston was extremely professional and relatable. He has assisted me with consulting services for my small business, individual tax questions, and budgeting. The name absolutely fits the company because I’m positive I made the “Right Choice” for all my accounting needs.

Macey A.

I wish I could give 10 stars! Albert is great! He is very knowledgeable and most importantly his client’s best Financial interest is his top priority!!!! Highly recommended!

Danny A.

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