The Right Choice for Professional Service Based Businesses

More Tax Savings, Better Bookkeeping, Better Reporting, Better Communication, Better Data…

All in one place!!!

Right Choice Accounting

The Right Choice for Professional Service Based Businesses

More Tax Savings, Better Bookkeeping, Better Reporting, Better Communication, Better Data…

All in one place!!!

How We Serve You & Your Business

Ready To Make The Right Choice?

Save A LOT More In Taxes

We run the day to day accounting with your taxes in mind! This gives you a 365 day perspective on your tax bill & what can be done to control it…

Attract Investors & Get Funding

We provide the type of financial organization and reporting that the banks and investors love to see! Show up to the meeting with confidence knowing that you have access to best in class financials… 

Make Better Data-Driven Decisions

When Warren Buffet coined the phrase “Accounting is the language of business” he wasn’t joking… We empower you to understand your business by the numbers & this is what allows you to make informed decisions about what to do next to reach the next level in business… 

Day to Day Accounting & Tax Mastery

Categorizing transactions, sending invoices, managing company expenses, paying employees & contractors, tax planning, tax preparation, on and on… We manage the day to day accounting and tax function, so that you can manage the rest of your business…

We’re also the Right Choice for Taxes!

Ready To Make The Right Choice?

Year-round Tax Management

We can take the whole quarterly and annual tax filing responsibility off your plate, but that’s just the beginning! We also ensure that your tax strategy is solid & keep you informed on potential tax savings year round!

Annual Tax Preparation

We can file your current year tax returns accurately to ensure that you stay compliant with IRS guidelines. We help keep Uncle Sam off your back! 

Multiple Year Tax Return Catch-Up

If you have multiple years of tax returns to file, we can help with that! 1 year, 2 years, 3 years… It doesn’t matter! We’ll get you caught up and current with the IRS. 

One-Time Tax Consultation

Don’t need ongoing services, but interested in understanding what entity makes the most sense? Need to figure out exactly what you should be doing to prepare for tax season? Have tax specific questions? Our one-time consultation is the solution for you!

Your Outsourced Accounting Department and Tax Planning

Our Clients Love Us… So Will You!!!

The owner is extremely professional, knowledgeable (CPA Licensed) and personable. The perfect mix needed with someone handling your financial needs. I have been able to refer several business owners to this business confidently knowing that they were in good hands. I’d highly recommend Right Choice Accounting Solutions for accounting, payroll, taxes, budgeting, financial analysis and more.

Katina B.

I’m so incredibly grateful for the staff at Right Choice Accounting Solutions. Mr. Hurston was extremely professional and relatable. He has assisted me with consulting services for my small business, individual tax questions, and budgeting. The name absolutely fits the company because I’m positive I made the “Right Choice” for all my accounting needs.

Macey A.

Hiring the team at Right Choice has proven to be the best decision since launching my business. Given the size and scale of my company, I thought bookkeeping was all I needed. But having a CFO that offers practical and insightful strategy is invaluable. They offer multiple options for me to consider when making decisions and have been instrumental in guiding our company to record profits. Yes, they do bookkeeping. Yes, they do taxes. But they go above and beyond the standard services, and I have never felt embarrassed to ask questions or get their support when I’m confused or lost. Their support has given me more confidence in my business and created more headspace for me to be the CEO of my company versus wearing all of the hats all the time.

Shannon W.

Albert and the team at Right Choice have changed the game for by business and me. I have totally overhauled my systems and have time to think deeply about how we spend our money and invest our time. Albert and his team are approachable, knowledgeable, and so helpful. I feel like I have a CFO that is on my side every step of the way.

Shawna W.

When you think of tax services and a CPA, THIS is the company you dream of. Extremely professional, personable, thorough, and focused on getting your taxes done. Communication is excellent and I love the drive the company displays. Glad I’m with them and will be a customer for years to come!

Marcus B.

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Our Outsourced Accounting Department includes…



Tax Preparation & Strategy


Accounting Insights & Strategy

Virtual CFO


Budget & Projections

Custom Financials

We Have Saved Clients Over $11 Million In Taxes!

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