Common Questions About Outsourced Accounting

What kind of businesses do you work with?

Right Choice works with consultants, agencies, and firms. If your “product” is a service, we may be a great solution! Some of the clients we work with are: Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, Counselors, Attorneys, Lawyers, Fractional Service Providers, Course Creators, Agencies, and more.

Are there any business types that you don't work with?

Regretably yes. We don’t currently offer our services to real estate investors, retail stores, trucking companies, or restaurants. If you are curious, reach out and we’ll let you know if we are a good fit. 

Can you help me if I'm not located in Georgia?

Yes! We help clients all over the United States.

What makes Right Choice different?

We provide a one-stop shop accounting & tax option for our clients. Working with us is the equivalent of hiring a full accounting team for your business. We replace the need to hire separate Virtual CFO, Accountant, Tax Strategist, Tax Preparer, or Bookkeeper. We take care of all your accounting & tax needs under one roof. 

How do I get started?

You can visit our Contact Us page to schedule your introductory call. 

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