Tax Planning and Preparation

The real return on investment (ROI) in accounting comes from the accounting and tax strategies. That’s why Tax Planning is included in our Outsourced Accounting Department. Tax Planning is one of the key ways that we save our clients thousands of dollars each year. A lot of small business owners still talk to their CPA or EA during tax season and that’s it. Think about it this way, it’s impossible to plan and strategize for a year that has already ended. That’s why we include this strategy in our month-to-month plans.

Your Outsourced Accounting Department and Tax Planning

What is Tax Planning?

Simply put, tax planning is the analysis of a financial situation to ensure that strategies are implemented that allow you to manage and pay the lowest tax possible.

This is how some wealthy individuals and large corporations are able to pay a lot less in taxes than some middle-classed families.

Tax Returns

We currently help Sole Proprietors, LLC owners, Partnerships, S-Corporations, and small C-Corporations plan for and file their tax returns. Our team focuses on mastering the tax laws that affect our clients, and ensure that we stay “in the loop” on tax law changes.

We take the confusion and anxiety out of the tax planning and preparation process.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Right Choice can implement tax planning and strategy into your business, book a call with our team!

“We decided to use a different accountant for the 2019 tax year. We sent everything he needed and he answered any questions we had. Taxes are difficult anyway. The Right Choice relieved our fears and walked us through the process. I have an accountant for life!! Thank you Right Choice, because I made The Right Choice.”

– Sandra D.R.