Our Pricing… Explanation

Although we are a one-stop accounting shop, we do not have one-stop pricing, here’s why…

Our packages are customizable based on your specific needs, so set pricing doesn’t fit our business model. Even companies of similar sizes have different needs and goals, so we adjust our pricing to fit what we’re actually delivering for our clients and not some “standard” amount that is fair for some and not all.

Charging the “Right” Price

We pride ourselves on charging the Right Price for the services that we deliver. This is why we use a pricing matrix to ensure fair pricing. Let’s face it – It would be completely unfair to charge all clients the same price when every single client has different needs. To provide some transparency, we do have 3 basic levels that our Outsourced Accounting Department (OAD) clients fit into:

1. “Lite” – The basics – Most clients pay $850 – $1,500 mo.

2. OAD – One-stop accounting & tax solution – Most clients pay $2,750 – $4k mo.

3. “Concierge” – OAD + all of the “bells & whistles” – Most clients pay $5k+ mo.

Our tax preparation pricing is much more straightforward. This pricing is based solely on the type of return filed & the amount of “cleanup” necessary.

“Mr. Hurston is very professional and down to earth. You will definitely leave feeling like you got your money’s worth.”

– Ashley H.

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